Monthly Archives: September 2013

Someone posted on Facebook that it’s less than 100 days until Christmas and I had a moment of panic. How can this year have gone so quickly? In two months my baby turns 2 (apparently it’s time she stopped wearing babygros now. She’s wearing them as long as she sleeps in a cot, which will be forever. I’m not having two of them creeping in my room and staring at me while I sleep, thank you very much). I didn’t really buy into the whole “terrible twos” thing with the little dude. He didn’t tantrum or lie on the floor of shops and I prided myself on my epic parenting skills. Really, what else could it be?

Then this little lady came along…. Girls are different they said, they’re SO strong willed they said. And I was like, “Yeah, yeah, I can handle it. I’m great at this parenting, remember?”

My little urchin-like darling. Nicknamed Sunshine. Butter wouldn’t melt, right?….




I took her to pick flowers…

I put socks on her….

I took the sock off, SECONDS LATER…

And then she remembered about the socks….

I love her for being strong willed, I just wish it was in a less screamy way. I’m a little bit scared about what the two year old version will be like…’ll be OK though….won’t it….?