Monthly Archives: July 2013

I meant to post this yesterday but ended up glued to Sky News waiting to hear about the baby. I loved some of the interviews that took place as they tried to fill time because nothing was happening yet –

“You’re a first time father…what advice would you give to Prince William?”

“Er, I don’t know really”

“What do you think they should call the baby?”

“Er, I don’t know”

Gripping stuff. When the announcement came, I’ll admit, I shed a tear or two and then again when they brought him out (also, I’d really appreciate it if they chose a name soon so I can get on with my life). I always cry at One Born Every Minute too, there’s just something so special about a new baby. It made me think back to those first few days with my own babies and that absolute euphoria at meeting them. I’ll never forget it.

Sarah from A Party of Seven shared her youngest daughter’s birth story (along with some lovely photos, of course). Sarah also takes some beautiful photographs of newborns.

Charlotte from Write Like No One’s Watching shared the story of her little prince’s arrival. It’s very real and honest, which I love her for. I love that she wrote from the heart and didn’t sugarcoat the horrible bits.

Kirsty from My Two Mums wrote about her son’s birth from the other parent’s point of view. Such a loved little boy, right from the start.

I love photos of brand new babies and these ones from My Model Mummy are so sweet. Really precious moments.

Some favourite photos of ours from the past week. We’ve spent most of our time in the garden, I love it!


We have a ninja loving almost six year old who has been eagerly copying his favourite Power Ranger moves whenever he can, so we decided to sign him up for Karate lessons because we knew he’d love it and probably benefit from the discipline! He had his first class tonight and chattered excitedly about it for hours afterwards. He even insisted on wearing his gear for the rest of the evening! I think he’s going to be wearing this quite a lot…

Dude came first in the hula hoop race at school (truth be told, a little bit of cheating occurred, like running rather than skipping). He was so chuffed with himself that I couldn’t help but beam when he crossed the finish line.

And because he’s rather adorable – hat day at school. Does this boy love the camera or what?

Have a fab weekend!

Some bits and pieces and favourite photos from the past week.

Enjoying the dancing and games at the school summer fete | “Mum, this is the best bouncy castle I’ve seen for years!” | Whenever she sees an ice cream van, she goes to join the queue! Clever little thing | I spent a very hot but lovely morning with this gorgeous family. More to come from their pre-wedding/family session later this week.

We have been really enjoying the good weather and the barbecue has taken up residence on the patio for the summer. Beloved made us the most amazing fennel pork on there and I really want to try these peaches at the weekend from Lavender and Lovage (love that blog name!).

Lovely Lauren from Real Housewife of Suffolk County shared her day out for my birthday buddy Harry’s second birthday at Bewilderwood. I’ve never heard of it before but I’m desperate to go now after seeing her photos.

I love this video from Lucy at Dear Beautiful from their weekend away with fellow blogger Mummy Daddy Me. I started a video project earlier in the year and seeing her videos has inspired me to pick it back up.

And finally, my “sister” Gemma (we’ve both got a fringe + like to give our kids lots of ridiculous middle names = sisters!) threw a fab birthday party for her eldest daughter and made these fantastic fish in a soap party favours. My kids LOVED it, we’re going to have a go at making some ourselves (ours wont look anything like that, I’m telling you now…)

Have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! (See what I did there?)