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Sunshine & I had a bit of time to spare while her brother was off on a playdate so we took the dog up to the woods and I snapped some 18 month portraits. I just love getting my film back, I always forget what I’ve taken so it’s a surprise to see it! I spent ages trying to figure out how to process digital pictures to look like film because I love how it looks, I think it gives photos a certain atmosphere and then thought “Um, why not just use film…?”. I’m blonde…

I love these pictures of her. She was busy finding pine cones for “Daddyyyyy!” and  looking at ALL the things. It took the best part of an hour to walk about 200 yards!

Shot on a Nikon F90x with Agfa Vista 200.

When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.






As I am fast approaching 30 (5th July – feel free to send cards/gift/champagne), it’s about time I started putting plans into action. I started this blog because I had exhausted the list of friends and family and there was nobody left to photograph. I’ve spent the best part of 3 years learning my craft, walking around trade shows looking for the best bespoke photo albums, finding the best lab to print the photographs…I really take pride in what I do and I want other people to do the same.  And then this week, I realised something. I need to actually start behaving like a photographer and believing in myself. I am annoyingly insecure about my photo taking abilities, even making the BritMums Brilliance In Blogging and Mad Blog Award finals wasn’t enough to make me think “Oh actually, maybe I am good at taking photos!”. I’m a stage school kid, I haven’t got a shy bone in my body. So why am I shy about putting a value on myself? I know how much time and effort and energy and artistry I put into my work and I know how much daily work and upkeep it takes to keep it going. I really want to invest in some newer equipment because the stuff I have is almost 5 years old now and I can’t afford to do that because I’ve been so set on being affordable that I’m not making any money. Childcare, insurance, overheads…it actually costs ME to take photos of you lovely people! I saw people recommending me on Facebook when someone asked if anyone knew a cheap photographer and I was heartbroken. I don’t want you to book me because I offered the cheapest package… I want you to want me because you like what I do and because you know I will work my arse off to give you the best images I can. I want you to love them, to walk past your photo on the wall and think “Wow, that’s us!”.

So there it is, it all starts right here. New packages (which I absolutely love and I hope you will, too), gorgeous products and new pricing that I spent a long time going over with my brutally honest friends. When your friends are telling you off and trying to force more money on you for their photos, it’s time to take action! I know that it is an investment but it’s one that I hope you will think is worthwhile. I am proud of the images I produce and I hope you will be too.



Photo of me courtesy of my good friend, Hot Nanny. Thanks, doll.

The next few weekends are going to be pretty busy for us – a trip to Legoland, a blogging event, Engagement photoshoots and My Big Fat Gypsy 30th, so we decided to have a quiet weekend at home catching up and the Britain’s Got Talent final was on so we weren’t going ANYWHERE. I decided to tackle our toy situation, which is a near impossible job when the kids are around. I completely forgot that the broken pencil I just threw away was your favourite. Something about this kind of job turns me into my mum. I found myself saying things like “Right! It’s ALL going in the black sack!” and the classic “Some boys and girls haven’t got ANY toys!” and muttering to myself about not buying them anything for Christmas. And where do all the McDonald’s toys come from? Do they breed? Is it like Gizmo – if you get one wet then lots more appear? I didn’t even realise we went there that much! (I had a mutter to myself about that one, too). But order has been restored (somewhat).


I’m really enjoying the age that Sunshine is right now. It’s amazing to see the change in her over the last few weeks. She’s really interested in everything and learns something new every day. Obviously, I think she’s a genius and this is all down to my epic parenting… She’s started to talk a little bit and spent the weekend saying “Mummy!” and, her favourite, “Daddy!” every 27 seconds because she can. I had a little giggle to myself as I watched them both following Beloved around and hearing a constant stream of “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” from them both. The downside of being the kids’ favourite!

Pointing out body parts (shot on film, FYI)I got some ideas from Pinterest of activities we can do to train her up for Mensa. We started with pouring rice into different sized containers……which she was ace at, as you can see. Hardly spilt any……and then she gave it a little nibble…I love being with these two (most of the time). I think they’re both hilarious and I love seeing them interact. They never love each other at the same time, one of them is always a bit indifferent!
Half hug, half sister strangling