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There’s not many photos for once – I know, right? I even borrowed a little compact with a flip screen so I could take some awesome “OMG, look at me with the other bloggers!” selfies but spent the whole time gabbing and taking notes instead. Sunshine loved being able to see herself, funny little thing!

Not my best photography, admittedly

I’ve been meaning to write this since I got back from London on Saturday evening but I’ve been playing catch up (eating biscuits and talking blog is quite exhausting). I wanted to link to everyone amazing that I met but there were so many! I will give a shout out to my fab roomies, Sharon (by the way, I still have your pen) and Sam (and I need to say a HUGE thank you to them both for making sure I didn’t lose my agenda/jacket/bag/wine/phone/room key… I can be pretty ditzy, especially when I’ve had a prosecco!)

Love these gals!

I was a little nervous in the lead up to Friday, my blog was a finalist in the Photo category of the BIBS  – didn’t win – THANK GOD! I was two proseccos in by that point, hadn’t really eaten and I rarely drink. That would have been the most mortifying acceptance speech in history… I vaguely remember slurring “Thank you for having me!” at the BritMums founders before heading off for dinner (and I then left the very nice restaurant in search of chips and a fat coke. My mum must be so proud….). I’m quite new on the blogging scene so I was a bit worried that there might be an air of “Who even is she? Does she even go here?” but everyone was really lovely, amazingly some people had heard of my blog and were quite complimentary which was really nice and made me feel like maybe I’m doing an OK job at this blogging lark and should perhaps stick with it. Greeting anxiety with people you’ve been tweeting with – do you hug? Do you shake hands? (Bloggers are huggers, FYI). I was nervous too about leaving the kids but excited at the same time. Sunshine (oh how ironic that name seems at times…) is becoming quite the strong willed little madam these days so I was glad to let Beloved take a turn!

Yikes! That is one pissed off babby! Mwahaha, GOOD LUCK!

He did really well. He remembered to collect the Little Dude from school and managed to feed them and everything. I wanted to call at bedtime to see how it was going but thought he’d be busy with the kids and so left it….then I saw this on his Facebook. Busted!

I learnt SO much…I don’t even know where to start… It’s made me look at everything with fresh eyes and I am so happy I went. I’m trying to convince people I know to start blogs so they can come next time! Roll on next year!

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of songs.”- Pam Brown


For Father’s Day I went with the most obvious gift for the dads in our lives – photos of the small people they mean the world to. I always knew my husband would be a great dad to our kids and he really is. He’s a bit useless with babies, hopeless at changing nappies (he always folds it up after so it’s impossible to pick up without getting poo on your hand) but he is calm, patient and kind. He always listens to whatever they want to tell him and laughs at jokes that aren’t funny. He praises and encourages them and lets them know every day how proud they make him. He works so hard for us so we can have everything we need and so I can be at home with the children. I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate that.

A couple of favourites from the Father’s Day mini-shoots I did (more planned for next month – stay tuned!)


I *was* going to include my favourites from the Father’s Day photos I took this year but even I can’t look at that many photos of my kids so I’ll save them for later on this week. You’re welcome.

Last year on Father’s Day I got drunk with my friends at a Christening (we’re classy like that) so I’d promised Beloved a lie in, breakfast in bed and all the trimmings for this Father’s Day…… and then the lovely people from the MAD Blog Awards asked us if we wanted to spend the day at Legoland with our families getting to know the other bloggers and of course we said YES! We aren’t going away on holiday this year (something about a very expensive 30th birthday party…oops!) so we treated ourselves to a night at the Legoland Hotel in one of their themed adventure rooms. For the Little Dude who LOVES Lego, it was the best and most magical day of his life.

Lego everywhere! Every few seconds there would be an excited “LOOK! A Lego hat/parrot/monkey/flowers/pirate”. He loved it! They really have thought of everything, the lifts talk to you, there’s so much for them to see and do and there’s such a friendly and relaxed vibe. I was on the lookout for the other bloggers as soon as we arrived. In the splash pool, I was looking at the other parents to see if any of them “looked like a blogger” (I don’t know what I think a blogger would look like, but still..) desperately hoping that I wouldn’t have to introduce myself while wearing a dodgy swimming costume that’s a bit baggy from being stretched during pregnancy (note to self – buy swimming costume) and with a half arsed leg shave (Beloved was away for work all week and took his razor so I’d had to do a quick once over with the lady shave I’d bought from Boots en route. Told you I was classy)

The next day started with a showing of Lego Chima 4D (HUGE deal to our Lego fan!). I can add Legoland Imagination Theatre to the “places I’ve breastfed” list, so that’s special.

Next stop was Duplo Valley which I thought the smalls would love, especially the new splash part but it was early in the day and pretty nippy in the water. Sunshine had a play on the park while her brother donned his wetsuit.Little Dude got his haircut this week (it’s loads shorter than I wanted it….don’t get me started…) so I spent most of the day having slightly hysterical “OMG, WHERE IS HE?!?!?!” meltdowns because I didn’t recognise him. Motherly love and all that.Sunshine loved the Fairytale BrookMaking them have a Father’s Day picture which they were all thrilled about
We loved the pirate show. People dressed as pirates and somersaulting into water is the most hilarious thing EVER when you’re five.The obligatory “standing next to stuff made from Lego” photosSlides for the smalls instead of steps! Such a good ideaLovin’ the Lego babaWhile Little Dude went on the bigger kid rides, Sunshine took her shoes and socks off for the upteenth time which is just as funWhen in Rome…

We really had the most amazing day and we were spoilt with VIP wristbands which meant we didn’t have to wait for the rides, a perk that every single one of us loved. Little Dude was heartbroken when it was time to take it off. I was so thrilled to meet some lovely bloggers, when I started this, I didn’t realise what a nice little community I was joining. I can’t wait to see everyone again soon. Cheesy, I know.