Monthly Archives: April 2013

When I’m not wiping noses, singing “round and round the garden”, rebuilding Lego models or negotiating bedtime extensions, I like to take photos. Sometimes I get to photograph people that aren’t my kids, which is pretty fun. Here’s a few favourites from Vic’s portfolio shoot (Isn’t she gorge?). Crazy that I sent my kid to school in shorts this morning and only a couple of weeks ago it was snowing!

There were three in a bed….

On paper, this was the best idea ever. Three little cousins born within two weeks of each other, all snuggled together in a basket…..They didn’t think so.


You can see more photos over at Team Lloyd.

This weather is making me so happy! Sun at last! I have got a little bit carried away and a couple of times have confused sunshine for warmth and dressed like it’s August then regretted it after. Little dude has been wearing shorts to school and so has that little boy battered knee thing going on. Very cute.

Little summer dresses – eeeeek!

We went to a St George’s Day event at Wrest Park at the weekend and nearly ended up becoming English Heritage members but we’re not quite ready yet. We’re just not grown up enough and the thought of our mentalist children inside a stately home stresses me out so for now, we’re going to stick to outside things and places where they can’t break stuff. There were lots of things for them to join in with and they had some wooden toys for sale which I LOVE – anything that doesn’t sing or flash is welcome in this house. He spent his Easter money from Auntie Jan on a bow & arrow and then got angry when we kept playing with it tried to show him how it worked.


I know. He’s hilarious.


A few favourites from this week


Playing in the garden yesterday, she so loves her dolly this week (she likes to take it’s hat off, have me put it back on, take it off again…). I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up, it’s terrifying!


I’m really thrilled to tell you that this blog has been shortlisted for a BritMums “Brilliance in blogging” award in the photo category. No, really. I couldn’t believe it either. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your vote, you can vote by clicking here. And I know that I asked you to vote before but you’re so good at it! Thank you.