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I hope this post doesn’t receive an icy reception! All white, I’m done now – you get the drift..

In previous years, my mum’s birthday (21st March – hope you sent a card and/or flowers) always meant the start of spring and cardigan-instead-of-coat wearing weather. Ah, good times. I had hoped we would be enjoying some warmer weather by now and Easter related fun. I mean, I even bought a “make your own Easter wreath” from Hobbycraft and dug Sunshine’s vintage Easter dress out for her to wear (this year it’s a smock top – I’m amazed at my own brilliance, folks). Instead we have this…

(I’m referring to the snow, by the way. Not the rope swing that my kid looks slightly terrified to be on)


Take a guess where this shovel full of snow ended up?

Full marks if your guess was “On his sister’s head”

I’m off to make a Hobbycraft wreath and hide some eggs. In my bed. Then tell the kids to stay out of my room. I am, really – it’s snow joke.

Day two and home with the teething baby and an ill 5 year old and I’m starting to go crazy. As soon as I can, I’m out of that door and on my way to the 24hr Tesco for some alone time and to stock up on Freddo bars (5 syns on Slimming World) and dry shampoo because the other joy is that we have no hot water at the moment and judging by the way Sunshine spent the day smearing anything she could find in her barnet, they know. They know I’m going to be up and down the stairs filling up a huge roll top bath with a kettle (whose idea was that bath anyway??? Oh right, yeah. Mine.). We somehow lost the plug (ahem, Sunshine…) so I’ve been improvising with a dalek flannel from The Urchin’s Xmas stocking. True story. And I sent my mum’s birthday flowers to the wrong address. Today’s isn’t my friend.


Sunshine found this hat on a pile of newborn things that I’ve put to one side (and keep forgetting to give to my friend – you have it in writing now) and insisted on wearing it. When I told Beloved what she was doing, he asked where she’d got it from. I think he thinks I get the newborn clothes out and sniff and weep over them, wistfully (I only did that ONE time. Sheesh!)

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat?


It would make my day so much better if you would consider me for best photography in the MAD Blog Awards (that’s right, you have to be mad to get one and I’m a finalist – what does that say??). You can vote here. I’m just sayin’.


Believe me, we’ve all got the hump (see what I’ve done there? I know, thank you..)

Sometimes I am really good at this grown up lark. I have odd moments where I’ve got this parenting thing down and think to myself “I could so manage 4 or 5 kids. Easily”

And then there are days when I can’t even manage the two that I have. Today was the latter. Two kids can make A LOT of noise, especially when one is teething and the other’s ill. And they’re not just ill, take some medicine, sleep it off and they’re better. Oh no. They like to make you think they’re completely better and then they’ll turn deathly pale, start burning up and you become convinced they’re harbouring some dreadful disease (why is it this always happens when the doctors surgery is closed?) and then they’re fine again. It’s some special kid trick they have, I swear.

So we spent a very loooooong day together, because that’s the other thing – you can’t DO anything when they’re ill. I had to grab a few things from the supermarket and it took forever, one whining that he felt SO POORLY ( as soon as we got home – totally fine. Funny that.), the other chewing her own fists and leaking snot…it wasn’t a “Wow, this is just how I dreamed family life would be” moment, that’s for sure. My friend came over tonight to find me cooking in a destroyed kitchen, a toothbrush dangling from the sleeve of my cardigan, looking wild and harassed. I think I’ve safely cured her of any broodiness she may have ever had.

But look! He is pretty cute…