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Thank goodness the sun has come out because I’m completely and utterly fed up February and winter. Seriously, I’m snow over it (couldn’t help myself, sorry). February redeemed itself slightly by having pancake day and Valentines Day in one week. We don’t really do Valentines Day now but when we first started going out together (all those years ago!) I insisted upon it because I never got any Valentines as a teenager. I was a bit weird and ticked most of the awkward boxes – glasses, braces, listening to old 70s bands and wearing vintage clothes before they were even called vintage clothes. No surprise really that the boys weren’t queueing up to send me a card. And so once I had myself a boyfriend I wanted a bit of valentines spoiling but now it’s just something that’s cute for the kids. The Urchin was pretty excited with the chocolate heart we got him and was completely and utterly OMG-how-cute-is-my-kid adorable giving out packs of Lovehearts to some of his friends (turns out they’re full of E numbers – you’re welcome, parents). He even insisted on giving a pack to his teacher which I tried to persuade him not to because i didn’t want to look like I’d told him to do it, especially because we’d had parents evening the night before! We made biscuits for Beloved (Sister mainly spat and licked her biscuits for Daddy. Nice of her) and he looked at me, sighed and said “I really love you, Mum. You’re my favouritest mum in the whole world” (given what a cute moment it was, I let the “Mum” thing go. You’re 5, haven’t I got a few more years of “Mummy?). I was chuffed to bits for him to say that, I’ve been feeling a bit “blah” lately, especially this past week. The baby’s at that awkward stage where she doesn’t want to stay in the pushchair all the time but isn’t good enough at walking yet to let her toddle off and it’s cold and within half an hour of school finishing, it’s dark again…so I’m stuck for ideas. I’m a fair-weather mother. Seriously, you should see me in the summer, I’m like the best mum. We have picnics, impromptu barbeques, garden assault courses, playdates, days out, breakfast in the garden – just because. Winter? I got nothing. He gets angry playing playdough because Sunshine eats it, Lego – she tries to eat it, drawing – she tries to eat the crayons (can you see a pattern developing?). If we watch something on TV and snuggle up together, the second I hug her she starts pulling at my top to get some milk. I just wanted a hug! So it was nice to let them paint biscuits together and nibble on cookie dough (raw eggs – Yum!). And once they were in bed I got to spend a not very romantic but rather nice girls night in with my good friend, Hot Nanny, a posh Waitrose ready meal, some pink fizzy wine and watching Love Story. What could be better than that?

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Post nap hair

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This face (when it snowed on Tuesday. Turns out he does like snow after all…)

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