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…aka first world problems…

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Maybe The Seven Year Itch applies to houses too, or perhaps I’ve spent too much time at home – I’m falling out of love with my house and have been for a while. I’ve even been looking at other houses on Rightmove behind my house’s back. Little things annoy me, “Just look at those stupid ceiling beams, acting like they own the place“. A lot of the hate  is down to decor, we have different tastes and we can never agree so we just paint everywhere blue. And I’m easily influenced by advertising, so we bought the Dulux wipe clean paint…IT DOES NOT WIPE CLEAN! The only thing that does wipe off is the bloody paint. Nothing matches (I’m not talking in a cute Cath Kidston way) and most of it was decorated while I was postnatal and clearly incapable of making any rational decisions. My new found love of Pinterest is not helping either because I see all these decorating ideas and honestly believe our house will look exactly like that Californian art-deco with floor to ceiling windows, original features, smoke-free, pet-free, child-free home. I just need that same paint shade. I have oodles of “repins” that I keep showing to friends who didn’t like to say “no”, bemused carpenters and my husband 0.8 seconds after he walks through the (soon to be repainted) door. I’m even trying to strike deals with the poor man…yesterday he text to tell me he was going to be home late and I immediately responded with “Can we buy this sofa then?” (it’s on sale!). The gate is practically hanging off and you have to slam it and give it a kick to stay shut but we need a sofa…priorities…

baby photography, children

Drawing’s really hard

baby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, children

This house does have a couple of redeeming features…it’s the house we brought our babies home to (aww, I know, right?) and the only home they’ve ever known. They won’t remember the crappy Ikea coffee table that we chipped and scratched getting out of the packaging but used for 6 years anyway. Or the real wood kitchen worktop that we both keep spilling stuff on, then cleaning with bleach (turns out you really aren’t supposed to do that). They’ll remember Christmas mornings, birthday parties, the bunkbed we lovingly made (I say lovingly, that lazy buggar had no idea what he was doing), playing in the garden, bathing in the big old bath and feeling safe, loved and happy (I hope!)

baby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenI surprised him with balloons after his first day back at school on Monday. He was SO excited that I think I’m going to plan more after school surprises for him.

baby photography, childrenbaby photography, children

Maybe Dorothy was right.

Half term over, back down to business. It’s probably mean of me, but I like coming home after the school run on a Monday knowing that the boys are at school/work for the day and it’s just me and the baby. The possibilities are endless. I have the whole week ahead of me, I can do anything….and I choose a parent and toddler swim session (which was actually SO worth it because she’s been asleep for over an hour now and didn’t even stir when I took her coat and shoes off. This is unheard of!) and a trip to Tesco to get the things on the shopping list my 5 year old gave me. Really. And I’m the one who’s always telling Beloved off for spoiling him.

I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps the last few weeks. I think the weather and being hermits is getting to me a little bit so I’m going to make sure we get out of the house and do stuff everyday this week. If we aren’t here, we can’t mess the place up – WIN!

A phone photodump for your viewing pleasure
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That boy of mine…

Have a great week, folks!

baby photography, childrenFirst time on the zip-wire. That’s my boy! 

Beloved has the lurgy, the baby can barely open her eyes thanks to general eye yuckness (I heard that breastmilk was the way to go so squirted her in the face. Don’t do that. It really makes them angry. You’re welcome) and The Urchin decided he needed a toilet roll and obviously couldn’t wait, so shoved a whole new toilet roll down the loo to get it. It’s true folks, I’m living the dream. This week I’ve been tearing my hair out enjoying the week off with my darlings. Ah, good old half-term, the week I can pretty much guarantee that one or both children will come down with some ailment. I thought them being ill together was as bad as it got but it seems the tag-teaming illness is much worse. Things I’ve learned as a mother of two.

Being the cultured things that we are (we’ve been to the theatre over 4 times), we took the children to a luminaries display at the weekend. I was expecting something like the Main Street Electrical Parade but on a village scale. Schoolboy error, my friends. As Beloved said (and kept saying… I get it. You’re kind of funny), the only thing that was well lit was the ticket office. £19.95 to walk around a rain soaked garden in the dark. The ice sculptures were pretty cool, we enjoyed those but what is it about ice sculptures? I’m nearly 30, I am quite familiar with ice, I understand that it is water in solid form, cold to touch…why do I have to touch it? Every.single.time? We also saw a “fire sculpture” which we mistook for a bonfire. photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, children

The rest of our half term has been spent enjoying a little bit of good weather (there was a good 6 minutes where it wasn’t freezing), catching up with friends and family and hanging out together. They’ve got to the point where they really interact together and make each other laugh, it’s adorable (when he’s not trying to pick her up by the neck, that is).

baby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, childrenbaby photography, children

We’re off to the circus today and I’ll probably have to listen to a constant repeat of “Dadadadadada, Afro Circus, dadadadadada, Afro Circus” all the way there. Happy days.