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Bored out of their tiny minds during the hour long “Look at me with all my healthy food!” new year shop | My favourite gift from Father Christmas, little light up bunny (she probably hates it but I keep forcing it on her because I think it’s so cute) | Sitting in Daddy’s old chair like a big girl! | With the Lego he bought with his Christmas money. He now thinks money is awesome | Friday night gluttony – four cheese topped pasta bake | Planning to get Dad with some of his jokes (remember these? They used to REALLY hurt!)

Huge excitement yesterday when we explained to The Urchin what this “New Ear Eve” business was all about. In his 5 year old mind, it was pretty great. We’ll take a nap, stay up until TOMORROW and then you’ll get a birthday! (We didn’t actually say that but that’s what he heard) He was a bit put out when he realised he had to wait until August for said birthday because he really wants to be six. His friend Thomas is already six. It’s like, bigger than five.



My geeks. I heart them

newyear-001Someone’s got Grandma wrapped around their podgy little finger…



newyear-004Don’t ask…

After enjoying several performances of The Urchin’s NYE circus inspired glowstick show and then drinking more than I have in about two years, I went to bed, the floor spinning. Oy. I was pleased it was sunny today so I could wear sunglasses and not look like a tool for doing so. It was really nice to get some fresh air, to wear some proper clothes (skinny jeans – the irony!) after a week of slippers and cosy loungewear. Don’t be fooled by the beach backdrop. It was bloody freezing. We managed 20 minutes before we dashed back to Grandma’s for hot chocolate and another turkey dinner.


newyear-009Love her bedhead




newyear-014Even the pooch is like “FML, I’m cold and bored, here!



How was the first day of 2013 for you?