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It’s snowing here in Bedfordshire and I am rather excited. I love taking photographs in the snow (and a hot chocolate with Bailey’s to warm up afterwards – yummy!). We haven’t got much yet but I’m hoping we have enough to go out and play in it later. I thought I’d share a few tips for taking photographs in the snow.

If your camera has a snow setting – use it. Snow is really confusing for a camera and if you’re using a DSLR you might need to make a few adjustments so you don’t end up with blue or grey snow. Up the exposure a little (that’s this one  – +/-). I have mine set on +0.3. Even though it’s quite light with all the white to bounce off, lowering your shutter speed a little will give you a lovely bright image.

Catching the snowflakes as they fall can be pretty tricky and the clouds can make it overcast. There’s a few things you can try,  widen your aperture or try a shorter focal length, increase your ISO or up the shutter speed. The image above was taken at ISO 320, f.1.8 and 1/1250 sec. You could also fire the flash to freeze the action.

Because everything is just white (I know, totally stating the obvious) there’s not a lot of contrast going on so the picture can look a bit boring. Add a bit of colour. Wait until the snow stops and there’s a lovely blue sky or add the colour yourself. I love dressing the kids in bright colours, especially really vibrant blues or red. Makes the image much more interesting.

Think about your angles. Get down low so you can really get a great view of that snowball fight (maybe even let them throw them at you? Or not…) or to make the snowman look huge!

You might find that the cold affects the battery life so if you have one, perhaps take a spare out with you. And try not to drop your camera in the snow (ahem).


So get creative, have fun and please share your snow escapades! Leave a link in the comments below.

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We have ridiculous amounts of toys in this house (which I WILL write “Thank You” notes for at some point during my life. It’s only the 8th and I’ve already broken some most all of my new year’s resolutions) but instead of playing with them, Sunshine spent 20 minutes playing with…..


…a plate. And said plate had grapes on it, it’s like the fun never ends! I think today is probably her favourite day.