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Our week in pictures

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Playing in the last of the snow | Saturday afternoon family time…forgot about the whole snow sitch & scooter combo. Not impressed. | Just chillin’ on the recycling bin. As you do. | Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (check out my portion control there…) lovingly made with my own fair hands for Beloved’s upcoming birthday (recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery book)

I was never a fan of Girl’s World (It’s a decapitated, scary looking doll, why is this fun?) and until 14 months ago, was a boy mum so this “doing hair” thing is new to me. Our first attempt!

baby, baby hair, toddler hairstyle, pigtails, baby with pigtails, photography, cute baby, baby girl(We also tried “The Pebbles” but this was my favourite. And please excuse the food on face/dribble combo. She had to be bribed to stay still)

I plan on learning some funky hairstyles for her because I only had four options – down, ponytail, bunches, half-up half-down….I love my mum but she is shit at hair and she can’t plait (don’t argue Mum, you can’t).

Also, sorry to everyone who has seen this picture at least 5 times since I took it yesterday (your own fault for clicking though). I’m just a bit excited.

Joining in with Team Lloyd’s Photo of The Week again.

This week it’s a picture of Sunshine (I’m an equal opportunity parent). We haven’t ventured out much because of the cold/after school clubs/laziness so that’s the reason for the lack of updates on the ol’ blogging front. You can’t be very artistic when snapping pictures of a five year old watching Up. Again.

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