Yearly Archives: 2012

I have a confession. Underneath my sarcastic exterior, I’m a baby loving mush. I LOVE babies. I think they are amazing. I love their enthusiasm for toes, keys, OMG, is that a baby in the mirror?!? I think they’re especially amazing when they’re new. It’s not just human babies – kittens, puppies, piglets! Ducklings!

Andrea asked if I would photograph the newest member of their family. I photographed her during her second pregnancy and it’s one of my favourite shoots ever!

I was so thrilled to meet Daisy (and steal her for snuggles!). Such a special time for them.

How cute is she?

Love my job

We do love our parties in this house. Any excuse for one and I’m on it. End of term? It’s Friday and it’s summer? New playhouse? (aka the shed that I started painting back in August). We can have a Play-housewarming! (see what I did there?). The Urchin especially loves a party. He’s 5, he can have his friends over and trash his room and not get told off. Having me as a mother, he just assumes we’re having a party.

“What day is our Hallowe’en party?”

“We aren’t having one. We’ll get some pumpkins and decorate the house but that’s it. Maybe make some cupcakes”

I meant it. I did not have the energy for a party. We are not having a party.

And this little face is so very hard to say “No” to.

So, the next thing I know, I’m sending out texts, inviting people over for tea. It’s not a party, it’s just tea. With cakes. And costumes. And pumpkins. And a decorated house. And apple bobbing. And games. And hot spiced cider punch. And Hot Nanny face painting. But it’s not a party. Right? Glad we established that.