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Get it? I know, I know! Had to be done though!

My darling girl is turning one on Tuesday and I’ve turned into a basket case. I used to roll my eyes at mothers who couldn’t bear the idea of their “babies” growing up and now I’m one of them. Karma is laughing at me, big time. I’ve so enjoyed this little one’s babyhood and I’m a little sad to say goodbye to this time. Each milestone is a little bittersweet but I am excited to see what she’s like. What will she look like with more hair? Won’t it be funny when she’s walking and running around? It’s crazy to think this time last year we were still waiting, just desperate to meet her. It’s so strange thinking back to before she was born – it feels like she’s so “new” to our family but at the same time, it feels like she was here all along.

She was so cute this morning, snacking on her apple while I got ready to go out. I love these pictures of her – no set-up, no special outfit, just her being her smiley self.

Eating can be such hard work!

Gosh, I love this kid.

Every Saturday we have the same conversation.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t mind. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. We should do something

“Yes, we should do something……What do you want to do?”

This can go on for a good half an hour, interrupted occasionally by a hopeful little voice saying “Lego shop?” (that would be my kid, by the way. Sometimes it’s hard to tell…)

We went away this weekend (last weekend?) to stay with friends in the countryside, so the problem of what to do was solved for us. Hey look, there’s another kid to play with and some animals to look at! Off you go! So lovely to catch up with friends, drink a cup of tea while it’s still warm (honestly have no idea why it’s so difficult to do that when I only have two kids and haven’t got a proper job but it is!) and eat too much food. Although the eating too much is a bit of a daily occurrence for me. One of the pros for me of breastfeeding is the extra points on Weight Watchers. Sad but true.Image

Sister’s like “hey, where’s the food?”

If I had £1 for everytime someone said to me “Hey Hales, tell me more about baby-led-weaning”, then I’d have…£1? If, like me, you enjoy frightening your mother-in-law and preparing food for your baby to throw on the floor, then baby-led-weaning might be for you. And the best bit? It makes it so easy to feed your baby and you can feel quite smug that your little darling is eating grown up food and not jars of mushed carrot. Good eh?

To get started, you will need:
A baby
Some food

I started out with a mesh feeder because I’d fed my first baby purées and the thought of giving my baby an actual piece of food to eat (OMGZZZ!!!1!) gave me palpitations. As my parenting is quite relaxed (some would perhaps say “negligent”), this might come as a surprise. I soon discovered that mesh feeders a) pissed my baby off and b) were a bitch to clean so I gave her soft steamed food. Great “first tastes” (get me, being all Anabel Karmel) are things like sweet potato, soft pear, broccoli, avocado (no cooking involved and it’s full of nutritional goodness – WIN). I would not advise – crisps, big macs, KFC, toffees.

To begin with, your baby probably won’t eat the food you offer – unless you’ve started to wean them because they kept stealing your food, in which case they’ll be wolfing it down while shooting you filthy looks. They’ll probably lick and play with the food the first few times. The choking thing is a bit scary but if they can pick it up and get it in their mouth, they’re honestly fine to eat it. If they aren’t ready, they will spit it out. Occasionally, your little one might gag – this is totally normal so try not to freak out. Babies gag reflexes work differently to ours so them gagging doesn’t necessarily mean they’re choking and they will eventually figure it out. Babies are clever little things and even a baby without teeth can manage to bite and chew. Those little gums are hard! *Chorus of “hell yeah!” from the breastfeeding mums*

Because this can get messy, it’s a great idea to invest in splash mat (which I didn’t) for your floor or perhaps get a hungry cat or dog. And have lots of bibs to hand. If you’re like me and don’t like making work for yourself, you could always feed them in their nappy and give them a flannel down afterwards.

Once your baby gets the hang of it, you can offer a huge range of foods and your baby can enjoy meals with the family. You can even go out to eat. Like, in a cafe or restaurant (unless you have older kids too….maybe get a babysitter?).

*This blog is not intended to replace medical advice (if you read this far and thought this was medical advice then I’m worried for you). If you have questions about weaning your baby, speak to your GP or Health Visitor. I accept no responsibility for um, anything? And if you try this and your kid ends up only eating raspberry yogurt until they’re 7, don’t come crying to me.